The idea behind the creation of the Thairai salon is the Thai massage philosophy and culture of Thailand, which is focused on the health of the body and soul of a person, which can only be transmitted by certified Thai masters. Our salon is located in the center of Kiev on the street. Igorevskaya 2/6.

Inside, you will find a cozy atmosphere, quality service, pleasant qualified staff and, most importantly, graduates who have studied in the best schools and monasteries in Thailand. They are here to give you health!

About ThairaiAbout Thairai
About Thairai


Thai massage is a holistic healing system that includes a number of ways of influencing, such as deep pressure on muscle tissue, passive exercises resembling yoga poses, reflexology, stretching, opening joints, activating the flow of energy in the human body, acupressure. The history of Thai massage dates back to about 2500 years, and today, like centuries ago, it enjoys wide popularity in Thailand.

Since the entire body is worked out in Thai massage, from the heels to the crown of the head, even the deepest hidden muscle and nerve clamps become the object of careful work – a specialist in such places lingers, stretching a tense place. Also, signals about this enter the brain. An additional healing effect is achieved due to pressure on specific reflexogenic points, which are responsible for the functioning of the body systems and its organs. Due to the activation of energy channels, at the same time, the quality of the cardiovascular and nervous systems also changes, collaterals – bypass, usually passive branches of blood vessels – are included in the work. The muscles relax even deeper due to increased blood flow. Since the Thai massage therapist rises from the legs to the head in his movements, and by the time the massage therapist moves to the upper body, the neck, shoulders and head are already relaxed enough to get the most benefit from the healing touch. The final session – removes the last tensions that were reflected on your body with facial expressions and wrinkles, after which the face and body again takes a relaxed look. The results of one wellness session of Thai massage are comparable to a three-day rest on a quiet ocean.

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