Thai massage therapists

Banyen (Yen)

She is a master with the hands of an angel! At least once feeling the facial massage in its performance - you will no doubt become a regular client.

In addition to facial massage, Master Ying is ideally versed in traditional, oil and other massages, as she has years of training and experience behind her back.

And yet, customers return to Master Yen for clarity and smooth movement. Her massage is like a melody of a refined flute!

Thai massage therapists

Somboon (Kea)​​

She has traveled thousands of kilometers so you can appreciate a true Thai massage in the heart of Podol.

Master Kea has been practicing various types and techniques of Thai massage for over 10 years, including: stone therapy, Thai classic massage, foot massage and pouch pouch massage

And if you are lucky enough to enroll in Master Kea for anti-cellulite (slim) massage - you will definitely want to become her regular client. This is proven in practice.

Thai massage therapists

Kunhida (Joon)

Master Kunhida (Joon) has been providing pleasure and healing with Thai massage for over 11 years

She has techniques of classic massage, foot massage, stone therapy and more. Master Jun is especially good at making a strong anti-stress massage, after which everyone feels like a new person.

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