Thai massage – what’s the secret of popularity

Thai massage – what’s the secret of popularity

Thai massage – what’s the secret of popularity

Thailand is an exotic country with fascinating culture and remarkable amusements. This land however is noted not only for flourishing nature, but also for so unusual and popular procedure as the Thai massage. Traditional Thai massage is effective treatment capable to provide both physical release and mental balance!

Few reasons to book Thai massage treatments

This fascinating and curative practice has rich history lasting for over 2500 years! Ancient wisemen thoroughly kept the art’s secrets and conveyed the knowledge exclusively verbally. Nowadays we may observe more and more schools to be set up where the traditional treatment technics from North and Eastern Thailand are being mastered. Thai massage provides complex body recovery. Practically, it has no contradictions, as it is focused not on particular organ, but on overall body and soul enhancement and recovery. Acupressure during Thai massage promotes renewal of energy flows in the whole body. As a consequence, the energy balance is restored as well as connection with healing powers of the Universe is being established! Regular Thai massage treatments improves both physical and mental condition. You can obtain tranquility, harmony with yourself and the outworld. This procedure is an effective panacea from depressions and emotional disorder. Moreover, you will get a considerable energy and spirit boost, which will help you to reach your targets! Indeed, to enhance and extend the massage effect to the utmost, it’s necessary to take at least 5 treatments.

Thai massage: what to expect?

Thai massage is a true art consisting of the complex activities, which cure both the body and soul. The said procedure incudes the whole set of the following different modalities:

  • passive exercises;
  • enhancement of energy flow;
  • stretching;
  • muscles massaging;
  • release of joints;
  • assisted yoga postures;
  • acupressure.

Thai massage grants complete relaxation and heavenly delight. There are several technics for this treatment. Thus, for example, the Eastern style is tougher and may even cause some discomfort in the process. In this case the key purpose is to release specific energy channel. In any case it’s not worth worrying, as therapist’s high sensitivity and attention to client’s feelings makes the whole procedure completely safe and does leave no any bumps. The Northern style has high efficiency as well, despite its impact is softer. Here the therapist pays more attention to stretching and wringing. Regardless of the massage type one chooses, the therapists are well disposed to all clients and intend to establish the mental connection. It is commonly considered that Thai massage is one of the certain path to happiness. And muscles and joints stimulation provides stress release, deep relaxation and health promotion. Despite some sceptics seldom acknowledge the effectiveness of ancient Thai treatment, the actual results indicate the opposite. This antique practice has kept its traditions within thousands of years and reached our time so, that anyone could enjoy its magic healing and sheer pleasure!

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