The history of Thai massage

The history of Thai massage

The history of Thai massage

Mental and physical tension undermine health and only good relaxation allows to get rid of stress quickly and revitalize the body in general. There are different types of relaxation nowadays, however the Traditional Thai massage remains the most effective and promptest one. This procedure will engage you into sensible atmosphere of mysterious Thailand, release you from your problems and provide true relaxation!

Thai massage is the royal privilege

Thai healing system possesses very prolonged and fascinating history. It’s believed that it was practiced by monks in Buddhist monasteries. It also has been said that this healing procedure includes the Ayurvedic principles. In any case, it seems difficult to define true backgrounds of this practice, as for a long time this teaching have been transferred from the master to the student in verbal form only. Nevertheless, it’s also difficult to reject its positive impact. Thai massage has huge popularity in royal families. Thus, there are records confirming application of this healing system for curing the family members of the king Barommatrikolokkanat. Another reference about Thai massage refers to the time of reign of Naria the Great. Moreover, the memories read that this technique was used both for healing different health problems and for preparation of pregnant women to delivery! The boost of the culture of ancient Thai healing however took place after enthronement of the king Rama I from the dynasty of Chakri. The king greatly contributed to retaining the accumulated knowledge and developing the heritage of Thai culture in many ways. This period is known for restoration of Wat Photaram monastery, which walls were the first to have the medical descriptions inscribed. The following successors made good efforts to development of ancient healing system as well. The efforts on reconstruction of ancient sanctuaries and restoration of knowledge lost during wars with the Burmese were taken during the reign of Rama II and Rama III. Rama IV directed his activity to unification of restored knowledge with oriental healing practices. The king Rama V founded an academy devoted to this theory, which made it more accessible to public.

The popularity phenomenon of the ancient Thais’ medicine

It’s difficult to find another healing practice, which has kept its traditions within thousands of years. Thai massage is the complex of exercises aimed to overall health improvement. During the procedure the therapists use different types of body impact, which include:

  • wringing;
  • stretching;
  • acupressure;
  • muscles massage;
  • joints stimulation;
  • passive exercises.  

North and South techniques are the two types of Thai massage. The former is more soft and smooth, where the client becomes completely relaxed and sinks into a half-asleep condition, while the therapist massages each muscles, each joint and influence the energy flow. The South technique is more dynamic and is aimed to unblocking the specific energy channel. It is difficult to define decisively which technique is better, as they both are effective and provide body healing and mental activity! The healing features of this procedure are resulting from the therapist concentration on improvement of physical condition and her arrangement of energy flow. Subject to ancient concepts, the life energy circulates through huge amount of channels in the human’s light body, and when the flow is blocked, the physical and mental health seriously deteriorate. The therapist establishes the close connection with the client and directs her activities to renewing the energy flow. Sure enough, it’s better to take at least 5 treatments to feel the healing influence of massage in full and for a long time.

The future of the amazing healing practice

Today Thai massage is very popular in many countries. Moreover, it is used both as relaxing procedure and as effective cure mean for many health problems. It’s also worth mentioning about new stage of Thai massage development, namely improvement of teaching standards and therapists’ certification. Thus, the therapists are required to possess special certificate allowing provision of respective services. This measure both facilitates the increase of professional competence and protects clients from unqualified staff. Thai massage is one of the most prominent cultural asset of Thailand. The masters have kept the valuable knowledge through centuries, so that today anyone could enjoy the healing effects of this unique and relaxing procedure!

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