The styles of Thai massage

The styles of Thai massage

The styles of Thai massage

Thai massage is a true panacea, which is capable to heal the body and soul. It has been known to mankind from ancient times, but the masters were keeping the technique secret from public and transferred secret knowledge to their followers in verbal form. Today Thai anti-stress massage became the most popular relaxing procedure all over the world and anyone can try to master it. However, not many people know that there are different techniques for this procedure.

Types of Thai massage 

Subject to ancient concepts, the life energy circulates through huge amount of channels in the human’s body. When the flow is blocked, the energy balance is disrupted and numerous health problems may appear as a result of above. Thai massage is similar to Chinese acupressure, as the therapist applies the physical pressure to acupuncture points. There are two key techniques of Thai massage as of today:

  • northern;
  • southern;

In both cases the therapists use different techniques to restore due energy flow. This results to overall health improvement and has powerful anti-stress effect. During some procedures the therapists use aroma oils, which allows to forget everyday problems and take a dive to the world of harmony, acknowledge our dreams and aims as well as the ways to reach them. Despite general similarity, these styles have their peculiarities. The Northern masters begin and complete the procedure with gentle movements, light strokes and easy wringing. Meantime, the therapists from South apply tougher technique, which is usually aimed at specific energy channel. During the procedure the client may sense short discomfort or even pain, which leave no hints afterwards.

Specific of Northern style

Chiang Mai is the key city of the Northern Thailand, where the experts of Nuad Bo-Rarn massage are being mastered. Several schools are situated here and they are open both for Thai citizens and for foreigners. The Northern technique closely resembles the yoga stances. It has quite a soft impact, which includes numerous wringing and stretching. The therapist immerses the client into complete relaxation by gentle impact on muscles and joints. It’s also worth mentioning that the master impacts the energy points not by two hands at a time, but works by them alternately. Originally the Northern style had been studied only in Shivago Komarpaj hospital, but later new small schools were established as well. On request, it’s possible to find masters who will agree to teach you the ancient art of healing privately.

What is Southern style of Thai massage being famous for?

The traditional massage Wat Po might be considered as the center of this school of ancient Thai healing system. It is the craftsmen of this technique that are mastered in the Royal school for medicine and massage located in Bangkok. It was founded during the rule of Chakri dynasty long before the establishment of the country capital. The monks living there were gathering the bits and pieces of any available information about this healing practice and set up the whole library, which contains all tradition of ancient practice. Southern method provides for impact on energy channels, which helps to stabilize the life energy flow. This style is based on the concept that the light body has 72000 energy meridians and when they are blocked it harms the energy flow. This results in decline of general condition, appearance of different health problems, lack of vital energy and depression. Experienced therapists perform the complex of activities aimed at releasing the said meridians. They start from preparing the body with gentle and soft moves, and later proceed with more substantial impact on energy Sen lines. The therapists massage the body with fingers, palms, as well as use certain techniques where it is necessary to use elbows, knees and even foots. Herewith they alternate the following moves:

  • pressure;
  • stroking;
  • wringing;
  • stretching.

The Southern style comprises 5 different positions for massage, where all body elements are gradually opened and worked out starting from head and completing with foots. The client either lies on the back or on the belly, or on his side, or sits depending on the part of the body which is being massaged. The therapists use their both hands simultaneously in contrast to the Northern technique. It is difficult to say which of the above techniques is better, because in both cases you will get unforgettable feelings, general healing effect, as well as harmony with the universe and yourself. This procedure will help to eliminate the back pain and is very good prevention measure for osteochondrosis of different spine departments. After the course of 5 treatments you will definitely experience considerable healing effect and recover the peace of mind! Thai massage is a powerful anti-stress toll, which does not lose its popularity within many years and is a privilege of the royal families!

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