What is a Thai massage?

What is a Thai massage?

What is a Thai massage?

A fast-paced lifestyle, permanents stress, contaminated environment of big cities depletes our resources. However, it is very important to have the possibility to relax and get some rest both physically and mentally. Aroma massage is an amazing procedure, which will carry you to the world of dreams. And natural aromatic oils will impact your skin and feeling the best possible way. This type of Thai massage if one of the most popular, but it worth trying different techniques to match the best option for yourself!

Types and peculiarities of Thai massage

Ancient Thai healing passed its traditions through thousands of years. It experienced various times, i.e. collapse, regeneration and efflorescence periods. For many years the knowledge was collected as a complete approach and now one may describe several techniques of this healing practice.

Types of Thai massage:

  • Foot massage. It is considered that one foot has over 7000 of nerve endings and it is possible to reach truly outstanding results by impacting them. The foot massage is an acupressure type and is performed with special wooden stick and natural balms. The therapists massage the acupuncture points thus facilitating the general healing of the body. Moreover, its effect will help to deal with headaches, release cramps and heavy legs, stabilize the blood pressure and to overcome insomnia. The few contradictions to the foot massage are fungal feet diseases, osteoporosis, pregnancy and oncology.
  • Herbal massage. This is an effective procedure aimed at overall regeneration and harmonization. The therapist warms up the small bag with rare Thai robs on steam and use them during the procedure. The bags usually include at least 10 different herbs. The premises fill in with subtle flavors, and the massage itself is a perfect preventive measure against cold related diseases, running nose due to curative properties of herbs, as well as it takes off the general weariness, helps to improve the humor and obtain a deep and healthy sleep. It is recommended to abstain from the procedure for pregnant and people with heart diseases.
  • Aroma massage. Another procedure which allows you to feel a real relax, to improve your emotional balance and gain general healing effect. In this case the therapists use special aroma oils. They massage every muscle, work out each joint, impact the acupressure points, and this contributes to energy release, blood flow and 

lymphatic drainage normalization. If you however have some heart diseases, problems with joints or skin, or varicosis it is better to abstain from this relaxing procedure.

  • Stone massage. Here the therapists use the healing energy of hot basalt stones. They are heat up to a certain temperature and will both give you pleasant sensations and exert a fantastic healing effect. This technique allows to break the muscles tension, to eliminate congestion of venous blood, to fight the fatigue and release from the pain in joints. Moreover, the stone therapy stimulates the acupressure points as well. There are different techniques for performing this massage. For example, the therapist may alternate warm and cold stones and thus the problem with swelling. In addition, the therapist works with energy lines supporting the renewal of energy flow and overall harmonization. The procedure is not for pregnant and people with vast skin damage.

One cannot say which massage type is better, because each of them is aimed to solve the health problems and improve the emotional state. After completing a course of at least 5 procedures you will be able to fully experience the magical effect of ancient Thai healing system – you will again feel yourself a happy and healthy person. We know how important is the professional level of the master, that is why Thairai salon employs the best therapists in the city.

What to expect from a wonderful procedure?

It is worth mentioning that unlike the common massage therapy the Thai massage is aimed at revival of energy meridians, and therefore it supports healing both the body and soul. It is widely believed that in case the energy flow is disrupted, it will lead to disease of certain organ. Usually it is enough a few procedures to obtain mental stability, forget about heave legs, back pain and normalize the blood pressure. Moreover, this procedure has positive impact on skin and is an effective measure against cellulite. We can specify the advantages of the ancient Thai practice endlessly, that is why everyone has to take the course of several treatments and experience the magic practice!

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